China Mobile and 700 million new customers in Apple’s sights

Dec 4th - Apple and China Mobile have finally struck a deal that would bring the iPhone to the largest mobile carrier in the world

Mobile Roar Podcast 18: Apple Announces new iPads, Nokia shows off new Lumias and the Nexus 5 leaks, again

Oct 27th - As if new iPads, MacBook Pros, MacPros, Mavericks and iWork updates weren't enough, this week in mobile also showcased new Lumias, the return of BBM, insane tablet plans from T-Mobile and the 136th leak of Nexus 5 pics. Check out what else went down this week on the Mobile Roar Podcast.

Tim Cook Reflects on friendship with Steve Jobs on second anniversary of his passing

Oct 6th - Tim Cook shared his thoughts about the second anniversary of Steve Job's death and what his friendship meant to him.

Mobile Roar Podcast #14: Touch ID demoed, Chris buys an iPhone, and Microsoft introduces Cortana

Sep 29th - In this week's Mobile Roar podcast, Kevin demos the iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner and gives his thoughts on the iPhone 5s, Blackberry sells for a mere fraction of what it was once worth, Microsoft’s has a cool new “Cortana” virtual assistant that could be making its way to Windows Phone.

iPhone 5S pricing starts at $199, available Sept. 20th!

Sep 10th - You got your tent and wallets ready?! It's time to buy that brand new iPhone 5S! Here are all the details you need.

Mobile Roar Podcast #11: Apple iPhone event, Microsoft buys Nokia, Nexus 5 leaks, and much more

Sep 7th - Some of the exciting things we talked about on the Mobile Roar Podcast this week--Apple finally sends out invites for their September 10th event, Microsoft buys Nokia, Nexus 5 leaked and will someone please just buy Blackberry so we can all move on

Apple wants your old iPhone [POLL]

Sep 2nd - Apple's recent announcement should tempt you if you're wanting to upgrade by September 10!

The new Nexus 7 and the iPad Mini: What do they say about Android and iOS on a tablet?

Aug 28th - The new Nexus 7 is already here, and new iPads are likely less than two months away. How do they line up? What is the best tablet experience on each platform? Let's take a look.

‘The Pop’ in-ear headphones from Coloud

Aug 21st - One item that we all seem to use, but don't think much about–the headphone. Whether we use Apple's EarPods, fancier in-ear headphones, or something else entirely, many of use use them on a daily basis. So how do "The Pop" headphones from Coloud Headphones measure up?

Jobs the film opens August 16th, social media blitz ramps up [VIDEO]

Jul 31st - Jobs the film finally splashes onto the screen documenting the rise and fall, and rise again of the most iconic innovator of our era. Can Ashton Kutcher pull off the role of a lifetime?

Original iPhone hit store shelves six years ago today

Jun 29th - In just six short years, the iPhone has uprooted the mobile industry, and changed the way we communicate forever.