AT&T revamps Mobile Share family plans, now starting at $130 with 10GB data/month

Feb 3rd - As the carrier continues to find ways to entice new and existing customers in the face of surging competition, AT&T has introduced a new version of their Mobile Share plan offering unlimited talk and text plus 10GB of data for as low as $130/month.

AT&T offering $100 credit to those adding a new line

Jan 29th - AT&T has issued another volley in the war amongst US carriers to win over mobile users. Customers opening or adding a new line will receive a $100 credit toward their wireless bill.

AT&T offers subscribers easy path to early upgrades

Jan 21st - AT&T is making it possible for subscribers under traditional two-year service contracts to switch to a new Mobile Share Value plan and gain access to early upgrades via their Next program.

NFC-based ISIS mobile payments coming to iPhone (but maybe not how you think)

Jan 21st - Apple has been pretty resistant to hopping on the NFC bandwagon, and that means iPhone users, for once, have been left out in the cold. The ISIS mobile payments platform, the first NFC-based payment system to be supported across multiple major carriers, relies on NFC to complete transactions. Starting to get the picture?

iPhone continues to dominate sales numbers on all major US carriers

Dec 13th - Since its release, the iPhone 5S continues to dominate on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint & T-Mobile according to a recent Canaccord Genuity survey. Will the strong sales of the iPhone 5S as well as the iPhone 5C push Apple to record numbers for the holiday season?

AT&T wants to do away with device subsidies

Dec 11th - After operating under the subsidy model for years, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson says carriers simply can’t afford it anymore. Is it time to completely revamp the smartphone buying process as we know it?

Mobile Roar Podcast 24: The iPad Air on Black Friday, the 13″ 4K iPad rumors, China Mobile joins the family

Dec 6th - On our 24th episode of the Mobile Roar Podcast the iPad Air is big hit on Black Friday, rumors persist about a 13" 4K iPad, and Apple welcomes China Mobile and their 700 million customers to the family.

AT&T launching contract-free Mobile Share Value plans on December 8th

Dec 5th - AT&T will begin offering a new low-cost and contract-free service option as part of their Mobile Share Value service options, which go live on December 8th. Unlimited talk and text plus 300MB of data for $45.

Googler racks up unexpected roaming charges abroad, AT&T makes right with $120 fee

Aug 22nd - Ray Cromwell recently took a trip to Mexico, iPhone and iPad in hand. Despite every attempt to avoid roaming charges, AT&T still managed to send him a bill for $8500 in charges. Is a $120 fee a fair compromise?

[Update: Same old deal] As iPhone 5S launch looms, AT&T offers discount on early iPhone upgrades

Jul 22nd - AT&T is offering a $200 price break on unsubsidized iPhone 5 sales online as the carrier aims to move stock ahead of the launch of the iPhone 5S. But is $450 a sweet enough deal to convince buyers?