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Bizarro Apps: Big Ass Fans for iPhone & iPad

Sep 6th - OK, so this is probably not what you were expecting given the post title. You could’ve been thinking ‘Oh here we go, another porn app slips through the App Store filters’ – but this one is not a porn app. Or at least I hope it isn’t. It’s Big Ass Fans, for the iPhone and […]

Navigon MobileNavigator Update hits the App Store

Dec 16th - Navigon’s MobileNavigator has been available for around a year and a half, and as of today, has reached update number 7. MobileNavigator Version 1.7 will be available for the MyRegion versions today, and will come to the US and North America version in the very near future. The upgrade pace that Navigon has established is […]

Review: Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure for iOS

Dec 10th - Ok, so pretty much any parent with kids under the age of 10 has probably heard of Dora the Explorer at some point. I know I have. My oldest son is 9, my middle son is 6, and my youngest daughter is 4, so Dora has been a constant around our house for a while […]

Review: Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner

Dec 4th - When I got my 3G almost two and a half years ago, I would have never have imagined I would be regularly using an iPhone as a mobile gaming device. I know that games were pretty much the first thing to take off in the infancy of the App Store, but those early versions proved […]

iOS Video Chat and the Windows User

Oct 21st - I have become somewhat of a frequent work traveler this year. Most of my company’s jobs have been located at least an hour an a half’s drive from home, so even when I get home at night, it is often late. The travel has gotten even more frequent during the last six months, as I […]

Bizarro iPhone Apps: First Night Sex Making Tips

Mar 28th - Really just a couple quick thoughts on this one: Is there anyone out there anywhere who talks about ‘sex making‘ apart from the developers of this app?  Even zookeepers watching chimps go at it probably have better terms than that one.  I’m thinking if you tell your partner you’re looking forward to your first night […]

Bizarro iPhone Apps: Jump Jump

Mar 15th - The description for Jump Jump in the App Store is very short: This game will improve your fitness! Can you jump in sync with the music? Here’s a little more from an email from it developers: Think of it as Dance Dance Revolution, but without the mat and the computer, thus casually available everywhere. Or […]

Want to Rate Your Latest Hookup Like a D-bag? There’s an App for That

Feb 13th - OK, so Valentines Day is tomorrow.  Here ‘s a perfect app to make sure you don ‘t need to worry yourself at all about this holiday next year “ the iMakeLove app for your iPhone. iMakeLove, the first and only application that allows you to value the quality of your sexual life,in order to verify […]

Bizarro iPhone Apps – Stress Relief: Smash Edition

Dec 6th - Ever get so frustrated you just need to smash something up?  Go berserko like those guys in Office Space and bash a printer ‘s brains in?  Turns out there is an iPhone app that looks set to let you relieve all that tension and smash stuff to smithereens to your heart ‘s content. That is […]

Bizarro iPhone Apps: PinFrog – The Nutcracker

Nov 21st - This has been a heck of a week for press approaches about new iPhone apps.  The previous highlight was an app that encouraged ladies to ‘let it rip ‘ in the restroom and use the app to cover up all their unseemly noises.  Late in the week I think we have a new leader in […]

Not Able To Order a Drink in a Crowded Bar – There’s an App for That

Nov 15th - Ah, the piss-taking mileage in the ‘there ‘s an app for that ‘ line just doesn ‘t get old for me. :)  And with the description given for the new Round app for the iPhone I just couldn ‘t resist.  Here ‘s a slice of that description: You’re in a crowded bar or pub trying […]