iOS 6.1.3 & 6.1.5 3GS/A4 untether Cydia package now available

Dec 23rd - Yesterday the evad3rs team released the evasi0n7 jailbreak for iOS 7.x. This morning @iH8sn0w via his blog gave the community another reason to perk up and take notice. If you have an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 or 4the gen iPod Touch...

Cydia creator Saurik caught off guard by iO7 Jailbreak release

Dec 22nd - The evasi0n team just released the iOS 7.x jailbreak early this morning. By the looks of the reaction to the untethered jb, it caught everyone off guard, even @saurik himself.

Will evad3rs jailbreak iOS 7.x before we see a jailbreak for 6.1.4?

Oct 8th - With every new iOS release there is an inclination to assume that fewer iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners will be interested in a new jailbreak--and every year the jailbreak community proves that theory wrong.

Is iOS 7 already jailbroken?

Jul 2nd - Can iOS 7 beta already be jailbroken with current exploits? Only time will tell as the summer rumors heat up approaching the release of Apple's next OS along side the next iPhone.

Apple patches exploit rendering evasi0n Jailbreak obsolete

Feb 25th - The cat and mouse game continues. In what many will see as a blow to the Jailbreak community, Apple’s release of iOS 6.1.3 beta 2 to developers to address lock screen security flaws last week also appears to have patched one of the five OS exploits used to Jailbreak iOS 6.x.  This_was_going to happen sooner […]

iOS Jailbreak tool evasi0n updated in Cydia to version 0.4

Feb 24th - iOS Jailbreak tool evasi0n has been updated in Cydia to version 0.4. If you are one of a small number of people experiencing slow boot-up times with your iOS device, then the latest refresh address might be what you are looking for.     As a nice caveat, the following jailbroken tethered iOS 6.0, 6.0.1, 6.1, […]

Cydia Search – Search for iOS Jailbreak Apps in a Browser

May 12th - If you’re looking for more options and ways to discover new jailbreak apps for our iPhone or other iOS device, Cydia Search is a new tool you may enjoy. It’s a search engine for all the app repositories used by Cydia, the leading jailbreak app store. It checks all the included repositories once per hour. […]

Cool Things: Saurik Talking About Why It’s Good to Jailbreak an iPhone

May 3rd - I enjoy a lot of Robert Scoble’s video interviews and company Intros. As a long-time iPhone jailbreaker, it’s fun to watch this one where Saurik (Jay Freeman) talks to him about why jailbreaking is worthwhile and some of the cool tweaks available when you do. Very nice to see SBSettings and qTweeter are the first […]

Untethered Jailbreak for Verizon iPhone and iOS 4.2.7 Released

May 1st - There’s been an untethered jailbreak available for a couple of weeks now for all iOS devices running iOS 4.3.2 except the iPad 2, but not for Verizon iPhone users running the latest version of iOS for their device. Until now that is. Now there is a new untethered jailbreak (meaning no need to re-jailbreak after […]

The Dick Bar Resurrected, in Cydia!

Apr 1st - Wow. Only hours after its demise at the hands of Twitter, the infamous Dick Bar is back. And apparently it’s angry – as you can see in the screencap above, with its ruthless Bieber references. As you can also see above, the new home for the Dick / Quick Bar is Cydia, the jailbreak app […]

Cydia 1.1 Released – Major Update, Speed and Memory Improvements, Lots More

Mar 26th - Cydia – the leading (and currently only) iOS jailbreak app store – has received a major update today, to Version 1.1.1. The list of what’s new in 1.1.1 includes: the ability to run and operate Activator, libstatusbar, and SimulatedKeyEvents while Cydia is running an overall speed improvement, including the “Loading Changes” dialog “much less” memory […]