Evernote for iOS updated with ‘infinitely’ customizable homescreen

Jan 30th - Evernote wasn’t about to let SwiftKey Note steal the spotlight today when it comes to note-taking apps, offering a new app update claims to allow a “seemingly-infinite” amount of customization, from homescreen theme to what information is offered and how it is displayed.

SwiftKey comes to iOS as part of new Evernote-compatible app

Jan 30th - After SwiftKey Note leaked last week, we dreamed what using the intelligent predictive keyboard might be like on iOS. We didn’t have to wait long to find our. SwiftKey has announced their note-taking app today, the first to independently integrate the third-party input method.

Evernote services vulnerable to attempted attack

Mar 2nd - In what may be a common occurrence in keeping information and data located in cloud-based services, the popular service Evernote recognized suspicious activity by outsiders where personal user information may have been compromised. According to a recently received email: …the individual(s) responsible were able to gain access to Evernote user information, which includes usernames, email […]

Evernote 5 for iOS Coming “Very Soon”

Nov 2nd - It was only last night that I got my hands on the latest Evernote 5 beta on the Mac and droned on about how I wanted the company to clean up iPad version in a similar manner. Well, lo and behold, they’ve actually done just that – and not to just the iPad app, but […]

Evernote 4.3 Adds Tap To Edit

Aug 7th - Evernote 4.3 for iPhone and iPad was released on the App Store and it brings with it one of the most significant little features to ever have hit Evernote: tap to edit. Up until this most recent version, Evernote notes have always been a little bit more of a pain to edit than notes in […]

FastEver for iPhone

May 11th - Evernote is great for storing memories, but it can be a little slow when it comes to capturing them. As such, I’ve taken to using quick-entry apps, like Drafts, for storing my ideas as they pop up. This lowers the number of ideas that simply get lost and then send them to Evernote for more […]

Penultimate Just Became a Must-have App

May 7th - Penultimate, one of the most popular handwriting apps for the iPad, has become part of the Evernote family – as in, Evernote has acquired the company that makes Penultimate. Cocoa Box’s Penultimate, the beautifully simple handwriting app for iPad, has been one of our favorites pretty much since it came out two years ago, so […]

iOS On The Road: iPad Production Part 1- Taking Note

Feb 19th - For installment number two in my iOS On The Road Series, I want to take a broad look at the iPad as a tool for the mobile professional. The root of this this topic goes all the way back to the original announcement of the iPad, and the ongoing discussion of what exactly it is […]

Liking the Latest Evernote for Mac Update

Feb 7th - Evernote’s Mac app had an update last week, to Version 3.0.6. The update included some nice enhancements for tables and checklists as well as the ability to view multiple notes in full screen mode. Another major element of the update is what Evernote calls ‘ a beautiful redesign of our note panel’. I’m a huge […]

Evernote for iPhone: Still Funky With Plain Text

Dec 9th - I have faith in Evernote’s ability to stay around, in the company’s commitment to both host and let me keep the stuff I put into it, and in frequent and exciting updates for clients across all sorts of platforms…but my faith in the basics has been waivering. Maybe it has to do with the fact […]

Evernote Buys Skitch – Promises To ‘Supercharge’ It & Makes It a Free App

Aug 20th - Here’s some great news announced by Evernote a couple days ago: We love Skitch so much that we decided to buy the company. Skitch is an amazing Mac application that’s changed the way people capture, annotate and share images. Chief Skitchers, Cris Pearson and Keith Lang are moving from Australia and joining Evernote to lead […]