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How Steve Jobs got at least one Google employee fired

Steve Jobs and Google might have been mortal enemies, but they agreed on one thing: don’t even think about sniping employees.

Google Play Movies & TV App lands on iTunes

Google Play Movies & TV App for iPhone and iPad is now on the iTunes App Store! Play all your favorite flicks and television shows, even streaming them directly to your TV with Chromecast!

Google+ for iOS’ next update to include background sync for ful...

During a Google+ event today the company detailed changes coming to the social network’s iOS app, including true background photo syncing and full-sized photo backups.

The new Nexus 7 and the iPad Mini: What do they say about Android...

The new Nexus 7 is already here, and new iPads are likely less than two months away. How do they line up? What is the best tablet experience on each platform? Let’s take a look.

Google Reader shudders into the grave

Tick, tick, tick. Google Reader is about to expire for good.

Original iPhone hit store shelves six years ago today

In just six short years, the iPhone has uprooted the mobile industry, and changed the way we communicate forever.

Google+ for iOS updated with enhanced photo functions

The latest update to Google+ rolls out new photo features after an initial debut on the web and Android, brings iOS app in line with the social network’s major overhaul.

OK, Google: You gave us Hangouts, where’s Play Music?

Google has finally brought a native messaging platform to iPhone with the introduction of Hangouts, but will we ever see the company’s ever-enticing music offering on iOS?

Are Google’s apps better on iPhone than Android?

Despite their own ssmartphone operating system to worry about, why does it always feel like Google puts more time and effort into the iOS versions of their mobile apps?

Google Now for iOS bug is affecting battery life for some users [...

(Update: Google has made a public response to this issue, which you can find in this post.) While I covered some of the shortcomings of Google Now in its debut version for iOS a couple of days ago, it also seems to be suffering from a bug that affects its use …

Google Now’s first run at iOS has lots of style, less subst...

Will Google or will Google not bring Now to iOS has been the subject of plenty of back and forth in the iOS blogosphere over the last few months, which isn’t a big surprise. After some pretty abysmal early entries into the App Store, Google has really gotten their act …