iOS 5

Quick Tip: Disable The YouTube App in iOS 5

Aug 8th - Our own Alex Jordan posted on the removal of the YouTube app in iOS 6, but it was Shawn Blanc's post on the topic which alerted me to a great way to block the YouTube app in iOS 5 right now. All you have to do is head to Settings -> General -> Restrictions and […]

Review: Breaking Eggz for iOS 5

Jan 2nd - I was approached a few weeks ago by the fine folks at RedDreamStar, who asked if I wanted to review their new game called Breaking Eggz. I hemmed and hawed like I normally do, but ultimately said yes. I’m glad that I did. Breaking Eggz allows you the player to do exactly what it says […]

Codename for iPad 3 Found Buried by iOS 5, Confirms Some Rumors

Nov 22nd - 9to5Mac is reporting that they have found a codename belonging to the next-generation iPad in the latests iOS 5 betas. The item that is gaining the most attention is called “J2”. This is significant because other reports, specifically this one from DigiTimes, have claimed that Apple has two internal next-generation iPad prototypes with code names […]

Report Claims iOS 5.0.2 On The Way to Further Address Battery Issues, iOS 5.1 to add to Siri

Nov 16th - Macerkopf is reporting that Apple is working on two software updates for iOS 5. The first is iOS 5.0.2, and the report claims that it’s well into development, will be further addressing battery issues experienced by some iPhone owners, and will be released soon. The second update is iOS 5.1, and the report claims that […]

Apple Still Looking Into iOS 5 Battery Problems

Nov 15th - Just days after Apple released iOS 5.0.1 to the public to address bugs causing battery life issues for some iPhone users, there are still complaints coming in from customers regarding crummy battery life. Apple has now issued a statement (via AllThingsD) claiming that the company is still looking into these battery life complaints, and are […]

Apple Acknowledges Battery Life Issues with iOS 5, Working on a Fix

Nov 9th - Apple has issued a statement addressing customer complaints regarding iPhone 4S and iOS 5 battery life issues. Apple is now testing iOS 5.0.1 which will reportedly address the issue. What’s more interesting is that Apple is expanding their testing to include some of the customers who originally reported the issue. The company is doing this […]

Tip: Preventing the iOS 5 Music App from Crashing on iPhone 3GS

Nov 8th -  Image courtesy of If you’re an iPhone 3GS owner running iOS 5, you may have encountered the same problem that my wife and I have: you’re walking, running, or generally enjoying life while listening to your favorite song in your 3GS’s playlist when, at the completion of a song, there’s silence. It’s as if you […]

Apple Acknowledges Battery Issues in iOS 5, the 5.0.1 Update Will Address Them

Nov 3rd - Ever since iOS 5 was released a number of users have reported noticeably worse battery life on their iOS devices. Yesterday Apple acknowledged these issues in a statement to The Loop. “A small number of customers have reported lower than expected battery life on iOS 5 devices,” an Apple spokesperson told The Loop. “We have […]

Why WhatsApp Messenger is better than iMessage

Nov 2nd - When Apple announced plans to create their own messenger app, I got really excited. Then we learned the details and my excitement quickly dissipated. This was not going to be as groundbreaking as I and many others had hoped. And now, having had the chance to use it alongside WhatsApp, I have to confess I […]

Apple Activates iTunes Match Setting in iOS 5, Launch Could be Imminent

Oct 19th - With iCloud only a week old, Apple still hasn’t introduced iTunes Match, their forthcoming service that will match the songs you have in your library that were not purchased from iTunes, and send them to the cloud. Apple has announced that they will roll out the service by the “end of October”. It now appears […]

iPhone 4S Sales Reach 4 Million, 25 Million Users Now on iOS 5

Oct 17th - Apple has announced that their opening weekend of sales for the iPhone 4S were over 4 million units. This blows past Apple’s previous record of 1.7 million units for the iPhone 4’s opening weekend. Furthermore, Apple has announced that 25 million iOS device users have already upgraded to iOS 5. Another 20 million users have […]