Apple releases iOS 8 beta 3

Jul 7th - Apple has released iOS beta 3 for those with developer accounts. Released three weeks after beta 2, the newest update is available over the air and via the iOS Developer Center and includes

What announcement from WWDC are you most excited about?

Jun 6th - WWDC 2014 was, by far, the most informative keynote I have ever watched--and especially exciting if you are a developer. For the first time since I can remember, Apple centered their entire WWDC keynote around developers.

Apple introduces HomeKit, their new home automation platform

Jun 2nd - Apple has announced their entry into home automation with HomeKit. They have been working with all the leaders in the field of home automation with the to come up with a wireless protocol to securely pair your unique iOS device with compatible individual devices in your home

(5) easy to use swipe gestures for your iOS device

Apr 30th - One of the more convenient ways of navigating around on your iOS device is to use swipe gestures. While this should be an intuitive process, especially after you master the gestures themselves, the discoverability of said gestures is not always as easy as it should be. I've collected (5) of the more popular gestures, with quick explanations on how to activate them.

MyGlass app for Google Glass returns to the App Store

Dec 19th - After briefly appearing in the App Store earlier this week, MyGlass, an app that links a user’s smartphone to his or her Google Glass, has returned as a free download.

The problem with free software

Oct 29th - Apple surprised us all by making OS X and their iLife and iWork suites of software free last week. But what does such a move do to the rest of the industry?

A Beginners Guide to iOS7

Sep 18th - Have iOS 7 questions? We have iOS 7 answers. If you can't find something that used to be there, or are a little unsure how things are supposed to work, then read on.

How to prepare your device for the iOS 7 upgrade

Sep 18th - Although we still have to wait until this Friday, September 20th to purchase a new iPhone 5S or 5C, those of us with existing compatible iOS devices will be able to upgrade to iOS 7 starting tomorrow. Are you ready?

Mobile Roar Podcast #10: Love Squares

Aug 31st - Will we see a new iPad on Sept 10th after all, Microsoft prepares for life after Ballmer, and is there really an Android love triangle? This and more only on episode 10 of the Mobile Roar Podcast.

Mobile Roar Podcast #9: All That Glitters is Champagne

Aug 25th - This week the excitement builds as we get closer to the launch of the iPhone 5S & 5C. Apple introduces a new iPhone color for the first time in years, and a new hire keeps the reality of an iWatch in the forefront. Check out this week's podcast for all the great mobile news from this week.

Apple releases iOS 7 beta 6, fixes iTunes in the Cloud, GM version looms

Aug 16th - Apple releases their latest update to iOS 7 to address issues with iTunes in the Cloud. Is the Golden Master version arriving sooner rather than later?