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Will my iPhone or iPad support iOS 8?

Jun 6th - Apple has notoriously supported their older iPhones and iPad's for years after they are introduced. Their ability to offer free upgrades for all these devices at the same time year after year has always been one of their more attractive "features." It has always been in their best interest to keep everyone on their newest software versions

iPad 2 and original iPad Mini remain available. Closeout sales on remaining iPad 3s and 4s imminent

Oct 22nd - Looking for a good deal in the wake of Apple's new iPad Air and Mini announcements? Here is a brief guide on what to watch for.

The new Nexus 7 and the iPad Mini: What do they say about Android and iOS on a tablet?

Aug 28th - The new Nexus 7 is already here, and new iPads are likely less than two months away. How do they line up? What is the best tablet experience on each platform? Let's take a look.

Review: Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Mini for the iPad Mini

Mar 13th - I have been using keyboard cases and covers of all different shapes and sizes since I got my iPad 2 around two years ago. They are such versatile accessories, combining two things I want to have with me at all times into one handy package. This has become one of the most popular accessory categories […]

Tweaked iPad (3) Coming This Week, iPad ‘Mini’ Pricing Discovered

Oct 22nd - 9to5Mac released a pair of reports late last week with one outlining new part numbers for a tweaked iPad (3) and one outlining the pricing scheme for the “iPad Mini”. So lets dig in. The first report notes that half of the (previously discovered) part numbers  are in fact for tweaked iPad (3) which is widely […]

Review: ZAGGkeys Pro Plus Bluetooth Keyboard for the iPad 2 and New iPad

Oct 14th -     I've had the pleasure of reviewing just about all of ZAGG's various Bluetooth keyboards over the last two years, and I've always come away impressed with what I have seen. First was the original Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad 2 by ZAGG (licensed by Logitech, but designed by ZAGG). Then I reviewed […]

A Week with the New iPad

Mar 22nd -   I’ve had my new iPad for just under a week now, and it is great. I was upgrading from my first-generation iPad, and boy does two years worth of iterative progress make a difference. My original iPad almost feels crude in comparison- a thought that blows my mind. Here is what makes the new […]

Apple Seeds: The New iPad’s Launch Numbers, Retina Graphics When Running iPhone Apps, More

Mar 20th - Apple Seeds is iSource’s daily roundup of Apple-related stories for the most diehard of fans, or for the news junkie that has to have all of the day’s news: New iPad Sees Amazing Sales Over Launch Weekend Apple announced that they sold 3 million new iPads in less than four days of being available on […]

iPad (3) Reviews are Rolling In

Mar 16th - As several of us here at iSource are getting our hands on the new iPad today, some of the hotshots tech journalists have been given review units. Overwhelmingly the reviews are positive. Here’s what they have to say: The Verge – “… easily the most beautiful computer display I have ever looked at.” – Verizon […]

Apple and Their Possible 4G LTE Marketing Problem

Mar 16th - It came as a bit of a surprise when Apple announced that the new iPad would come equipped with 4G LTE technology. The reports leading up the the announcement were indecisive, but ultimately we got our answer in the form of snappy 4G networking. I had briefly alluded to the problem that building 4G LTE […]

iFixit Currently Tearing Down New iPad [UPDATED]

Mar 15th - iFixit got their hands on the new iPad at a Telstra retail store in Melbourne, Australia during a midnight launch. The site is now in the process of opening the device and identifying the device’s components. The biggest thing of note discovered so far, is that the Retina display is indeed being manufactured by Samsung. […]