iPhone 3G

Get Game Centre Now On Your Jailbroken iPhone 3G

Sep 24th - iPhone 3G users probably aren’t the happiest iPhone users these days, what with the poor performance they experienced under iOS 4.1, along with the exclusion from multitasking, folders, and customizable home screen backgrounds. Then there was Game Centre; a new feature introduced in iOS 4.2 that the 3G also never got to see. Don’t be […]

Einstein Newton Emulator running on an iPhone!

Sep 15th - Yes, folks. The spiritual predecessor of the iPhone is still alive and well. The Einstein Project, found here, was started by Paul Guyot in 2004, giving the Newton OS new life on MacOS, Linux, Windows, and on some other tablet devices. However, the game has now changed, it seems. Yesterday, a video showing a port […]

Happy Birthday to Navigon’s MobileNavigator

Aug 12th - MobileNavigator has turned one, and what better way to celebrate its birthday than a big sale. Mobile Navigator North America, US, Canada, and all US MyRegion versions are all 50% off, as well as in-app purchases Live Traffic and Panorama 3-D. The US MyRegion in-app map upgrades are 30% off.  This sale lasts from August […]

Thinking of downgrading that 3G? Try this first!

Jul 26th - Many have been plagued by the slowdown that is iOS4 on iPhone 3G. So much so that many have been tempted to go through a somewhat painstaking process to downgrade their iPhones. Apple Genius Bar gurus closely involved with the customer issues also confirm having to assist customers downgrade due to performance issues. But this […]

Spoofed Apple ad: iOS 4 running on an iPhone 3G

Jul 16th - Here’s an entertaining look at the iPhone 3G trying desperately to run iOS 4. From what I’ve heard on the Twittersphere, this video is actually pretty realistic. I know that Joshua Schnell of Macgasm has been considering downgrading his 3G to 3.1.3, if he hasn’t done so already. If he was experiencing anything like what […]

iPhone Android Virus Spreading

May 7th -   Holy smokes – Android OS can now be run on an iPhone 3G as well. Just a short while after bringing Android OS to the iPhone 2G, ‘hobbyist hacker’ David Wang – aka planetbeing – has now also successfully ported it to the iPhone 3G. this marks an important milestone for the more DIY-minded […]

Quick Look: Scosche kickBACK S case for iPhone 3G/S

Jan 2nd - The Scosche kickBACK S is a half transparent plastic, half rubber case with a stand built into the back. The case slips onto the iPhone much like a silicone suit (it’s about as thin as one, too), and you can take it off just as easily by using the cut-out surrounding the iPhone’s Apple logo […]

AT&T to Begin Offering "No Commitment" Pricing on iPhone 3G Starting March 26

Mar 18th - In an article by Boy Genius, it appears AT&T is preparing to offer iPhone 3G at “no commitment” priceing. What that means to you and me is, AT&T is marking up 8GB and 16GB iPhone 3Gs to $599 and $699, but no activation or contract is required. There is a catch however. You have to […]

App Review: LightBike

Mar 12th - I know how awesome was when you where a little kid watching Disneys¬†Tron and thinking WOW that’s so cool!¬† Well now you can make that long time fantasy come true, thanks to Pankaku iPhone Applications now you’re able to download one of the hottest games right now at the App Store simulating that your on […]

Best Buy Now Selling iPhone 3G Refurbs Too

Jan 7th - If you’re looking for a discount on an iPhone 3G (in the US) and you don’t mind a refurbished model, your range of choices on where to get one has just expanded. Best Buy outlets are now selling refurb 3Gs for $149 (for the 8GB model) and $249 (for the 16GB) -so both are $50 […]

Dev Team to Stream iPhone Unlock Demo Today

Dec 21st - A couple of days ago, the iPhone-Dev Team announced they had successfully unlocked the iPhone 3G, and that all that was left to do was knock it up in to a nice friendly GUI, and release it to the long-waiting public. Those eager to unlock their iPhones will need to wait until December 31st, when […]