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Review: MobileNavigator 1.7 Update for iPhone and iPad

Dec 28th - Navigon has kept a steady pace with their app updates, and continued that trend with the release of version 1.7 of MobileNavigator to the App Store on Thursday, December 16th. This new update went live for the My Region versions of the app first, and came to the full US and North American versions last […]

Navigon MobileNavigator Update hits the App Store

Dec 16th - Navigon’s MobileNavigator has been available for around a year and a half, and as of today, has reached update number 7. MobileNavigator Version 1.7 will be available for the MyRegion versions today, and will come to the US and North America version in the very near future. The upgrade pace that Navigon has established is […]

ProCamera Version 3.0 hits the App Store

Dec 14th - It was just two weeks ago that I posted my review of ProCamera version 2.95 from daemgen.net. I found it to easily be one of the top full function camera replacement apps in the App Store, but as with any app, there were a few areas for improvement. Well, ProCamera version 3.0 hit the App […]

Review: ProCamera for iPhone

Nov 30th - With the sheer size and volume of Apple’s App Store, it is very easy to overlook a really nice piece of software. There are just so many coming out every day, that it is no easy task to keep up with all of them. Even those of us who are big iOS enthusiasts and write […]

Happy Birthday Star Walk: v5.0 Announced and a Contest Giveaway!

Nov 6th - Three Free Promo Codes for Star Walk Astronomy Guide To Be Won Contest Deadline: Monday, November 8 – 1:00PM US Central The generous folks at Vito Technology are celebrating the 2nd Birthday of their iPhone version of Star Walk (reviewed here)! Star Walk is either an iPad or iPhone 3Gs/4 friendly app (not a universal app), a […]

iOS Video Chat and the Windows User

Oct 21st - I have become somewhat of a frequent work traveler this year. Most of my company’s jobs have been located at least an hour an a half’s drive from home, so even when I get home at night, it is often late. The travel has gotten even more frequent during the last six months, as I […]

Calvetica Calendar 2.1 for iPhone: updated month and day views, new icon

Oct 7th - Another Calvetica ($2.99, review here) update hit the App Store earlier this morning. The first change I noticed was the icon. Calvetica’s icon has undergone a third change and — although I did like the older ones, too — this one screams “I’m a calendar application”, so I can understand why the devs felt the change […]

Looks like Waze is really taking off

Sep 29th - Waze, a free navigation and social networking app and service, is on the move again. Diann Eisnor, Waze’s VP Community Geographer, posted some very interesting statistics and data visualization on the Waze blog this morning. It looks like Waze is a big hit, especially on Apple’s App Store. There is a lot of interesting data […]

Pocket Informant 1.6 for iPhone adds Native iOS Calendar access

Sep 27th - In my review of Pocket Informant 1.51 a few weeks ago, I mentioned that Alex Kac of WebIS was very excited about the coming addition of Native iOS Calendar integration in version 1.6. Well, 1.6 hit the App Store this weekend, and I am delighted to say that its main new feature works just as […]

Review: Waze for the iPhone

Aug 30th - For those of you who read my Epic Follow-Up Review of Navigon MobileNavigator a couple of weeks ago, I will invoke a little Monte Python before I begin: “And now for something completely different.” For the sake of comparison, if MobileNavigator is considered to be a dependable, luxurious, but expensive high end model luxury car, […]

Review: Skobbler, a free GPS navigation app for iPhone

Aug 20th - Skobbler, a free Internet based GPS navigation app based on the OpenStreetMap project’s crowsourced maps, has been updated to version 3.0. This upgrade adds interface improvements, iOS 4 Background Navigation support, and improved search. To be completely honest, I hadn’t heard of this app before Patrick let me know about yesterday’s update. The company is […]