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Review: Fitbit Flex – The best wearable fitness accessory for your iPhone

May 26th - An iPhone user's in-depth review of the Fitbit Blex wearable fitness device. Does the Fitbit Flex have what it takes to outshine competitors such as the Nike Fuelband or Jawbone Up as the perfect fitness accessory for the iPhone? Read the review to hear the verdict.

Review: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 for iOS

Apr 8th - In so many aspects of life, it seems that the simplest things to learn can often turn out to be the hardest things to master. I definitely found the sport of golf to be one of those things. The rules of the sport are so very basic when you really think about it. You strike […]

Nuance Releases Self-Service Mobile Developer Program for iOS

Jan 24th - In my opinion, one of the big advantages that Android has over iOS is in the area of integrated voice recognition services. Anybody that has used the Voice Search capability of Google’s iOS app knows that they have a really strong offering in this area. That same voice tech is implemented throughout the Android OS, […]

Review: MobileNavigator 1.7 Update for iPhone and iPad

Dec 28th - Navigon has kept a steady pace with their app updates, and continued that trend with the release of version 1.7 of MobileNavigator to the App Store on Thursday, December 16th. This new update went live for the My Region versions of the app first, and came to the full US and North American versions last […]

Navigon MobileNavigator Update hits the App Store

Dec 16th - Navigon’s MobileNavigator has been available for around a year and a half, and as of today, has reached update number 7. MobileNavigator Version 1.7 will be available for the MyRegion versions today, and will come to the US and North America version in the very near future. The upgrade pace that Navigon has established is […]

ProCamera Version 3.0 hits the App Store

Dec 14th - It was just two weeks ago that I posted my review of ProCamera version 2.95 from daemgen.net. I found it to easily be one of the top full function camera replacement apps in the App Store, but as with any app, there were a few areas for improvement. Well, ProCamera version 3.0 hit the App […]

Review: Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure for iOS

Dec 10th - Ok, so pretty much any parent with kids under the age of 10 has probably heard of Dora the Explorer at some point. I know I have. My oldest son is 9, my middle son is 6, and my youngest daughter is 4, so Dora has been a constant around our house for a while […]

Review: ProCamera for iPhone

Nov 30th - With the sheer size and volume of Apple’s App Store, it is very easy to overlook a really nice piece of software. There are just so many coming out every day, that it is no easy task to keep up with all of them. Even those of us who are big iOS enthusiasts and write […]

Looks like Waze is really taking off

Sep 29th - Waze, a free navigation and social networking app and service, is on the move again. Diann Eisnor, Waze’s VP Community Geographer, posted some very interesting statistics and data visualization on the Waze blog this morning. It looks like Waze is a big hit, especially on Apple’s App Store. There is a lot of interesting data […]

Pocket Informant 1.6 for iPhone adds Native iOS Calendar access

Sep 27th - In my review of Pocket Informant 1.51 a few weeks ago, I mentioned that Alex Kac of WebIS was very excited about the coming addition of Native iOS Calendar integration in version 1.6. Well, 1.6 hit the App Store this weekend, and I am delighted to say that its main new feature works just as […]

Review: Gyro Tennis for iPhone

Sep 17th - Tennis is one of those sports that can be difficult to translate to any gaming system, console or handheld. It doesn’t necessarily fit the traditional game controller. Developers have largely avoided the game on the current generation of Microsoft and Sony systems, but tennis came to the Wii with a whole new spin a few […]