iPhone Apps on sale

Fitness app developer, lolo, keeps pushing with 50% off many popular apps

Jul 3rd - lolo, a favorite health and fitness app maker, has just announced a brief sale on many of their apps!

Quick Look: Frisbee® Forever 2 – A Positive Spin on iPhone and iPad

Jul 7th - Although I never tried the original Frisbee® Forever game, I took quick interest in the universal game, Frisbee® Forever 2, when it was offered at no cost thanks to @FreeAppADay.com. When I saw it featured, I showed my 9-year-old who said, “Frisbee® on an iPhone? How would that work?” Of course we had to find […]

Launch Sale: Easy Abs by lolo

Nov 9th - One of my favorite developers of exercise apps for iDevices, lolo, has just launched a new app called Easy Abs. I received the email announcement this morning and am already plan to jump in sit up and take notice! According to their promotional email: EASY ABS FEATURES A complete core workout everyday. Tone up your […]

lolo Celebrates iPhone 4S with Sale

Oct 13th - One of my all-time favorite developers of exercise apps, lolo, has recently announced a sale of all 6 of their apps. Multiple times I have selected one of their apps as a Pick of the Week or a full review. With their newest upgrades to include their cloud-based service, lolo Connect, taking the time to […]

Happy 4th of July & iOS Apps Sale Day

Jul 4th - Happy Independence Day to all of you in the US. Hope you’re all getting set for a great 4th of July with family and friends. If you’re looking for a festive 4th type wallpaper for your iPhone, I found the one shown above at the iPhone Wallpaper Club site. If you’re an iOS apps fan, […]

More Holiday App Sales: MacPhun Apps Gone Free for the Weekend

Jul 1st - More good news on iPhone and iOS app bargains for this 4th of July weekend. MacPhun have got three of their popular apps dropped down to free for the weekend. They are: Silent Film Director DoodleCam ArtCamera They’ve also got their excellent FX Photo Studio app on sale for $0.99 as part of their weekend […]

Here Come the 4th of July App Sales – TomTom App 1/3 Off for 48 Hours

Jun 30th - It’s another holiday weekend coming up here in the US. The most American of holidays in fact – and this 4th of July weekend will be full of grilling and fireworks (though none in my hometown), and lovely iPhone and iOS app sales. App sales on holiday weekends seem to have become as traditional as […]

Review: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 for iOS

Apr 8th - In so many aspects of life, it seems that the simplest things to learn can often turn out to be the hardest things to master. I definitely found the sport of golf to be one of those things. The rules of the sport are so very basic when you really think about it. You strike […]

Review: MobileNavigator 1.7 Update for iPhone and iPad

Dec 28th - Navigon has kept a steady pace with their app updates, and continued that trend with the release of version 1.7 of MobileNavigator to the App Store on Thursday, December 16th. This new update went live for the My Region versions of the app first, and came to the full US and North American versions last […]

Navigon MobileNavigator Update hits the App Store

Dec 16th - Navigon’s MobileNavigator has been available for around a year and a half, and as of today, has reached update number 7. MobileNavigator Version 1.7 will be available for the MyRegion versions today, and will come to the US and North America version in the very near future. The upgrade pace that Navigon has established is […]

Review: Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure for iOS

Dec 10th - Ok, so pretty much any parent with kids under the age of 10 has probably heard of Dora the Explorer at some point. I know I have. My oldest son is 9, my middle son is 6, and my youngest daughter is 4, so Dora has been a constant around our house for a while […]