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Review: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 for iOS

Apr 8th - In so many aspects of life, it seems that the simplest things to learn can often turn out to be the hardest things to master. I definitely found the sport of golf to be one of those things. The rules of the sport are so very basic when you really think about it. You strike […]

Review: Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner

Dec 4th - When I got my 3G almost two and a half years ago, I would have never have imagined I would be regularly using an iPhone as a mobile gaming device. I know that games were pretty much the first thing to take off in the infancy of the App Store, but those early versions proved […]

Indie Trainyard iPhone game hits the Top 3 in the US App Store

Oct 14th - This post is essentially a big shout out to @MattRix and his very interesting Trainyard puzzle app, which is currently at #2 in the US (and #3 in Canada) in the Top 25 Paid apps on the App Store. On the Canadian App Store it’s right up there with Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, […]

Review: FIFA 11 for iPhone- When Good Games Go Wrong

Oct 4th - For many years now, gamers and sports fans have all come to expect and anticipate the annual release of several different sports franchises from different developers. EA’s FIFA is one of the longest running of these series, dating back to 1993. While EA wasn’t the first developer to bring the beautiful game to the iPhone, […]

Review: Gyro Tennis for iPhone

Sep 17th - Tennis is one of those sports that can be difficult to translate to any gaming system, console or handheld. It doesn’t necessarily fit the traditional game controller. Developers have largely avoided the game on the current generation of Microsoft and Sony systems, but tennis came to the Wii with a whole new spin a few […]

Quick Look: Monster Dash for iPhone

Aug 26th - I wasn’t entirely sure how I felt about Halfbrick Studios’ new game, so I decided to split my regular Thomas self into “Tom” and “Ash” and held an awkward Q&A between the two halves to find out what I really thought: Tom: What’s the name of that game that features Barry Steakfries jumping from rooftop […]

Review: Gravity Runner for iPhone

Aug 14th - Gravity Runner for the iPhone is now available in the App Store for $0.99.  The app can best be described as a retro game of sorts that takes only a few minutes to learn, but provides those trying to master it hours of entertainment.  The developers of the game, We Are Colin, describe it as […]

Review: Pro Zombie Soccer for iPhone

Jul 15th - Pro Zombie Soccer features a campaign length you’d expect in a $0.99 title (one hour, give or take), but also the refined mechanics and polish of a game that costs quite a lot more.

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Finally Available!

Jun 18th - After hyping up the iPhone port of Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, Gameloft encountered a bug with the game's menu system when it was first released on June 3rd, and had to pull the game from the AppStore. They promised that the game would be back up "As soon as possible," and two weeks later, it's finally here. Fans of the Prince of Persia console series will be thrilled to learn that this iPhone version seems to be a full port of the original PS2 game. This version has 12 chapters (as compared to the original's 25), so it will be interesting to see if the whole story is included, or if half of the levels are missing. In the time I had to play the bugged-menu version, I was very impressed with how true the game stayed to the original. We'll be posting our review of Prince of Persia: Warrior Within in a few days, but until then, you can pick it up from the AppStore for $9.99 here.

Fruit Ninja for iPhone updated to 1.2: new fruits, combo attacks, Zen mode

May 22nd - Halfbrick Studios, the devs from down under, have been hard at work on Fruit Ninja (review here). Not only do they have a ridiculous new trailer to share, but they’ve also released the game’s biggest update thus far. Limes and Red Apples are now on the kill list, and slicing multiple fruit with one slice […]

Review: Mobigame’s Edge for iPhone

May 21st - [Note: the artifacting around the edge of this screenshot is actually part of the game’s title screen.] I just spent the last few minutes rolling a box of Kleenex around my desk to see if I could re-create the experience Mobigame’s charming platforming title. It didn’t work. There really isn’t anything else like Edge.