How to set up Do Not Disturb mode on your iPhone or iPad

May 18th - Do not disturb (DND) is one of those utilities that was a long time coming for iOS. I can't tell you how many times I've been woken up by my wife's iPhone or my iPad chiming in the middle of the night with every spam email notification and late night text from those friends who forget

This iOS 8 / iPhone 6 Concept video is the best we’ve seen!

Apr 28th - Concept videos, more specifically iPhone concept videos, are approaching a professional level of production usually reserved for a final product releases these days. Instead of simple artist's conception shots

Fake scandal of the week: self-destructing iPhones

Oct 29th - Largely, we trust the media. But every once in awhile, something so stupid is published we can't help but to reel. Apple is not producing phones that will falter as time wears on—but time wears on things all the same.

The polarizing effect of iOS 7

Sep 29th - A lot has been said about iOS 7, but what has been said of it's polarizing effect amongst the mobile computing community?

How to prepare your device for the iOS 7 upgrade

Sep 18th - Although we still have to wait until this Friday, September 20th to purchase a new iPhone 5S or 5C, those of us with existing compatible iOS devices will be able to upgrade to iOS 7 starting tomorrow. Are you ready?

A big day for iPhone design

Sep 10th - Today was a big day in regards to Apple announcements. But what do these announcements means in regard to design and user interface trends?

Apple and Steve Jobs reinvent the phone [VIDEO]

Sep 8th - Apple and Steve Jobs reinvent the phone [VIDEO]

New high quality photos reportedly show off iPhone 5S packaging and new home button

Sep 7th - With only days remaining until the iPhone 5S is officially introduced to the world, photos rumored to be of the iPhone 5S packaging have surfaced confirming much of what we have already suspected.

New photos reportedly reveal iPhone 5C packaging and colors

Sep 3rd - At just one week away from Apple's most anticipated event of the year the leaked photos and iPhone parts approach a feverish pace. What do you think of the rumored iPhone 5C color options?

Apple wants your old iPhone [POLL]

Sep 2nd - Apple's recent announcement should tempt you if you're wanting to upgrade by September 10!

Mobile Roar Podcast #10: Love Squares

Aug 31st - Will we see a new iPad on Sept 10th after all, Microsoft prepares for life after Ballmer, and is there really an Android love triangle? This and more only on episode 10 of the Mobile Roar Podcast.