What we didn’t get- iPhone 5S/5C edition

Sep 10th - Just like after opening Christmas or Birthday presents, now its time to turn our attention to what we didn't get.

Review: I-Mego Throne Gold Headphones

Jun 20th - Holy bass! That was my first reaction upon putting on the I-Mego Throne Gold headphones for the first time. I knew ahead of time that the I-Mego Throne Gold headphones were advertised as deep bass headphones, but I didn't expect quite the bass thumping I first experienced. Could the I-Mego Throne Gold be a bass lover's dream set of headphones? Read on to find out!

The 2012 iPod Lineup

Sep 12th - Just as expected Apple has announced a new lineup of iPods for 2012. The iPod shuffle largely remained the same, but is offered in new colors. The iPod nano has seen a complete redesign featuring a 2.5-inch multitouch display and is offered in a myriad of colors. The iPod touch was also redesigned, with larger […]

iPod Product Lines To See Update Alongside New iPhone

Sep 5th - As noted yesterday, Apple has officially announced their media event, which will revolve almost entirely around the next-generation iPhone. Well, 9to5Mac is now reporting that new iPods will likely be introduced at this time. The report does not go into great detail, but they do state that they expect Apple to release two or three […]

Apple Seeing Tremendous Momentum After Blockbuster Holiday Quarter

Mar 7th - Apple’s corning of “post-pc” devices generates 76% of the company’s revenue according to CEO Tim Cook. To sell these devices directly to customers, Apple now has 362 stores which saw over 110 million visitors in Q4 of 2011. Apple sold a staggering 315 million iOS devices last year, 62 million of which were sold in […]

Behringer’s Soundscape Air for iPod and iPhone Premiers at CES; Offers Wireless Speakers With Inductive Charging

Jan 11th - One truism at CES is that you cannot throw a rock without hitting someone’s generic iDevice speaker dock, which are almost always pretty much one like another, save for the exterior design and pricing.   Innovation, however, is largely absent.   There are exceptions, however, such as Behringer’s Soundscape Air.   The first thing you notice about […]

iPod Turns Ten

Oct 23rd - On October 23, 2001 I was eleven years old. I had no idea who Steve Jobs was, or what an iPod was. In fact, few people did know what an iPod was at the time, or that it would change the world, at least as far as consumer electronics is concerned. This new device was […]

Apple updates iPod nano and iPod touch

Oct 4th -     In the run-up to today’s “Let’s talk iPhone” things were not boding well for Apple little mighty media player in the blogosphere. Noting Apple’s reticence to refresh the iPod family as regularly as they used to and citing declining overall sales, tech pundits were already writing its epitaph, reminiscing on the iPod’s heyday […]

Yes, No, Maybe: Apple to Hold Media Event on September 7th, 2011?

Aug 15th - We’re hearing conflicting rumors, but Kodawarisan is reporting that Apple will be holding their traditional fall media event on September 7th this year. This is Apple’s traditional venue to introduce new iPod models. Over the past few years, the event has been held well within the September 7th timeline, with dates ranging from September 1st […]

Next iPod Touch to Compete With Nintendo 3DS and Offer 3D Viewing Without the Glasses?

Jan 17th - Japanese Mac blog Macotakara has suggested in a report today that Apple’s next iPod Touch device could feature the same glasses-free 3D display that will be introduced later this year in the Nintendo 3DS. Macotakara points at the multiple patents the Cupertino company has recently filed for 3D technologies to back up its theory, but […]

Behold! Apple’s fall iPod lineup

Sep 1st - Calling it ‘the strongest lineup of iPods we’ve ever had’ Apple CEO Steve Jobs today announced redesigned models of the iPod shuffle, nano and touch with the iPod classic not even getting an honourable mention. More on that later. Here’s what’s new: Apple’s baby iPod, the iPod shuffle, is priced at $49/€55 and features buttons, […]