The (5) things you should do after buying an iPhone 6

Dec 27th - So, you are the lucky owner of a shiny new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus--now what? For the veteran iPhone owner, the process of setting up an iPhone hasn't changed much over the years. However, if this is your first iPhone, perhaps you are a little intimidated. If that's the case--here are the (5) things you need to do to get you off and running

How to authorize your computer in iTunes

Dec 20th - Ever want to access your iTunes content on multiple devices so you can download and update your iOS device? Or perhaps you simply want to stream your iTunes content via AirPlay to your Apple TV? Here's how...

You can buy the Apple Watch on April 10th… but you won’t believe the price

Mar 9th - Apple has finally unveiled pricing and availability for the Apple Watch. Starting on April 10th you’ll be able to pre-order the Apple Watch online or in-store.┬áIf you go into an Apple Store you’ll be able to try the Apple Watch on and test it out. It will begin shipping on April 24th… but how much […]

Apple Research Kit launches with 5 Apps

Mar 9th - Apple today announced “Apple Research Kit” which is the company’s attempt to use iOS to help medical researchers better collect information by tapping into the mass user base and powerful features of the iPhone. The software stack will be available next month but there are already 5 apps that will launch using the technology. Research […]

Apple TV now only $69

Mar 9th - At Apple’s huge event today the company announced it was dropping the price of Apple TV to only $69 in an attempt to make it more accessible to consumers. Combine this with the exclusive addition of HBO NOW on Apple TV and it is finally starting to become a device that people will really want. […]

HBO NOW: Apple TV exclusive at $15/month

Mar 9th - It wouldn’t be a stretch to call HBO the most popular premium television content company in the world. We all know about their epic catalog of shows (they showed an exclusive Game of Thrones trailer at the Apple event). Whereas previously HBO GO was the only way to get HBO content away from home, the […]

Where to watch today’s Apple Watch event

Mar 9th - Today, Apple will unveil some important details about the Apple Watch including price and release date... and there could be a lot more in store than you think.