Apple files patent for pressure-sensitive MacBook touchpad with tactile feedback

Jan 15th - Appleā€™s already beautiful MacBook touchpad could soon become even more functional. A new patent filing suggests Apple is working to integrate pressure sensitivity and tactile feedback into the next generation of laptop trackpads. Is Touch ID next?

Review: Brenthaven BX^2 Sleeves for MacBook

Sep 1st - Brenthaven's new BX^2 collection struts its classy style with a white, leather sleeve designed to protect your precious MacBook. What's my take with the unusually designed "handle at the bottom"? Read to find out!

DefenderPad [update]

Aug 24th - After the review a few days ago, the makers of DefenderPad contacted me. If you read the review, I bet you know why.

Here’s one (expensive) way to recycle your old MagSafe charger…

Aug 14th - Designer Brian Richer's Coil Lamp reuses that old MagSafe charger to power an LED light fixture with an attractive modern design. A decent looking lamp without the MacBook novelty, its price tag might put this one out of most's reach.

Review: booq Boa Squeeze – the best backpack with an unusual name

Aug 10th - The booq boa squeeze backpack has the unique ability to live up to its name and let you *squeeze* a stunning amount of stuff into a small pack. Check it out to see how!

Quick Tip: What to do when Bluetooth Abandons your Mac

Feb 22nd - Image from Last week I was presenting to about 60 people and everything was going swimmingly. Keynote, which rarely fails, was spot on; the music playing through the bluetooth connected Supertooth Disco I had selected was perfect for the audience; it couldn’t have been going better. That was until the music stopped playing through […]

MacBook, Mac Mini Supplies Run Thin for Third-Party Retailers, Refresh Could Be Around the Corner

Jun 29th - AppleInsider is pointing out that supplies of Apple’s MacBook have become “severely constrained” for several third-party resellers. In fact, retailers such as Amazon and MacConnection are out of stock entirely. In addition Best Buy and Amazon UK are out of Mac Mini stock. Of course, this is usually a sign that a product refresh is […]

Apple Releases New MacBook, Mac mini and iMac Models, along with New Remote and Mouse

Oct 20th - Today was a busy for Apple. Just one day after announcing their most profitable quarter ever, Apple has released a slew of updated products. Here’s the list: MacBook New design made from the same white polycarbonate LED backlit display Glass multi-touch trackpad 7 hour built-in battery Non-skid bottom 4.7 punds 2.26 GHz Core 2 Duo […]

Online Ad Suggests Imminent Mac mini, MacBook, and iMac Refreshes

Oct 5th - AppleInsider is reporting on new Apple ad sightings at suggesting the imminent release of new iMacs, Mac minis, and MacBooks. Apple’s Google text ads seem to always refer to their products as ‘new’, even when they are several months old, but these ads are naming specific features that are currently nonexistent. Here are the […]

Apple Resellers Offering Mac Shortage Details

Oct 2nd - AppleInsider is reporting on emerging details from Apple resellers stating that reseller orders of Mac minis have slipped to a ‘2-3 weeks’ shipping timeframe, which seems to pertain to both of the Mac mini stock models. This comes after yesterday’s discovery that Mac minis ordered direct from Apple, are on a 1-3 ship delay. As […]

New MacBooks to Be Introduced Soon, Alongside iMacs?

Sep 26th - After the report yesterday from AppleInsider is now claiming that the MacBook may also be receiving a redesign. The new models, which appear as if they could make their debut alongside a family of more versatile iMacs in the coming weeks, are expected to arrive as the most affordable notebook offerings in the Mac maker’s […]