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Boxcar on Track for Removal from my iPhone

Sep 1st - Boxcar – the social networking tool that pushes notifications from social networking sources like email, Twitter, or Facebook long before notifications were available in iOS 5 – has been part of my repertoire for Gmail notifications when my beloved Push Gmail became unstable. In my case, the service sends a push notification of a new email to my […]

iOS Video Chat and the Windows User

Oct 21st - I have become somewhat of a frequent work traveler this year. Most of my company’s jobs have been located at least an hour an a half’s drive from home, so even when I get home at night, it is often late. The travel has gotten even more frequent during the last six months, as I […]

iTweetreply for iPhone + iPad updated to 2.0

May 20th - iTweetreply is an app with a pretty straightforward mission; provide push notification of Replies, DMs to the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It has recently been upgraded to Version 2.0. But as I quickly found out, this is not a case of ‘new and improved ‘.

BNO News iPhone App Push Alerts Firing on all Cylinders Again?

Mar 8th - BNO News – which used to always be the fastest provider of news via push alerts on the iPhone – had recently slowed to a very infrequent trickle of alerts for me.  And I know at least some others were experiencing this as well. As of today, BNO News seems back to its old self […]

Boxcar iPhone App Updated To Version 2.3 – Adds A Few New Features

Jan 28th - Boxcar, the excellent Twitter/Facebook/Email push notification iPhone app, has just been updated to version 2.3, which along with the usual routine bug fixes and code optimizations, also introduces a few new features. Though none of these new features are breathtaking, they do add to the overall usability of the app, and sometimes it’s just the […]

Gmail Push and Mercury Browser for iPhone updated: a Hit and Miss [iPhone App Updates]

Jan 12th - Recently iLegendSoft updated two apps that I have recently reviewed “ Gmail Push and their Mercury Browser. Of those two, one is a worthy upgrade, and the other I had deleted before the day was over so I could reinstall the older version.

Push Alerts for iPhone App Updates – Good Idea?

Jan 6th - A few days back the PhatNotes app generated a push notification to let me know there was a new update for it available in the App Store. I don ‘t recall seeing a push alert for a new update from any other apps before.  As much as I tend not to be a big fan […]

Boxcar 2.2 for iPhone is out, with fresh new features

Dec 17th - Boxcar, receiver of Macworld’s 2009 App Gem Award for “Best Notification App“, has just been updated to version 2.2. This update brings with it several fresh new features, in addition to a new icon and splash screen. In case you’re not familiar with Boxcar, it functions as a go-between app for Twitter, Facebook, E-mail, and […]

Our Top Seven Favourite uses of Push Notification

Nov 22nd - Push Notifications took a lot longer to get onto iPhones than Apple had initially promised, and when they came out I think it took a little while for people to get used to the idea — much like it took game developers a while to get used to handling and creating games around the accelerometer […]

Boxcar gets quiet time settings via hidden feature

Oct 28th - Earlier this evening, Jonathan George revealed how one can enable a hidden feature in Boxcar to configure a Quiet Time, during which time sounds and popup alerts will not occur. The Boxcar icon will still receive badge updates, however. Apparently, this feature was originally planned for the recent 2.1 update, but the backend wasn’t quite […]

GriP: a free Growl-like notification system for the iPhone (Jailbreak only)

Oct 28th - GriP, a new notification system based on the well-known Prowl, has been released in Cydia, the alternative jailbreak app-store. It hasn ‘t been updated for several months, but now it ‘s back and it looks promising. Is it the new rival of Elert?