Teardown of Apple's latest MacBook Air reveals bigger batter, smaller storage footprint despite few external changes.
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MacBook Air 2013 teardown shows where all that battery life comes from

macbook air 2013 teardown

With the latest refresh in the MacBook Air lineup, Apple is promising plenty of battery life, but just what sets the 2013 models apart from last year’s? Not much, as revealed by the notebook’s first teardown since it debuted earlier this week.

Externally, the computer is more or less identical to its predecessor, featuring the same aluminum case, port configuration, and even model number. Internally is where the changes are found, but even those don’t come in great numbers. Most notably is the battery, which boasts up to 12 hours of life in the 13-inch model. It’s been upgraded from a 7.3 V, 6700 mAh power cell to 7.6 V, 7150 mAh.

Fortunately for Apple, the move to PCIe-based SSD means a smaller storage footprint, which balances out the larger battery size. It also means the Samsung-made flash storage operates at a higher clip than its SATA counterparts.

So if you were looking for the MacBook to reinvent MacBooks, this it is not. But it is a pretty meaty upgrade over the 2012 version, and we haven’t even mentioned the Intel Haswell CPU up until now. To see the full teardown hit up the source below.

[via iFixit]

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