Ever wonder how to show the battery percentage symbol on your iPhone or iPad? Look no further, I give you a quick tutorial right here.
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Try This: How to show the battery percentage on your iPhone or iPad


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One of my favorite little iOS features added way back in iOS 4 is the ability to show the battery percentage in the upper right hand corner of the screen next to the battery icon.  As much as I tried, I was never really able to gauge the remaining power left on my iPhone with the battery icon as my only indicator.  So when Apple added the percentage option, I was pleased to say the least.  For whatever reason, it isn’t on by default. Here’s how you can add it yourself.




Open Settings–>General–>Usage, scroll down toward the bottom of the page and turn the battery percentage button to on.  Now the battery percentage will appear in the upper right corner next to the battery icon.

A hard to find, but easy to activate feature once you know where to look.  Also, if there is an Apple related topic you would us talk you through, or provide some insight for, leave a comment for that as well, and we will do our best to address your questions.  If you have questions, chances are other readers will, too. In addition, iSource has a growing community of over 100,000 forum users.  Don’t hesitate to visit the forums and utilize our growing community of Apple users and experts.


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