Complaints are mounting over faulty WiFi in latest refresh to Apple's ultra-portable notebook.
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New MacBook Air experiencing WiFi troubles?

 macbook-air-2013Are you having problems with WiFi on that shiny new MacBook Air? You might not be alone. According to Gizmodo, numerous sources are reporting issues with connecting to and staying connected to WiFi networks when using the most recent (WWDC) refresh of the MBA.

The issue usually results in WiFi disconnecting after only a few minutes and requires a system reboot to restore connectivity. The problem has been reported across sundry WiFi networks and routers, so it seems to be rather widespread (and definitely related to the MacBook Air’s hardware or software itself).

Apparently, Apple employees have also noticed the problem, as have customers who have been more vocal than usual about troubles with the new Airs. If it’s a software issue, then Apple should be able to address it easily enough. If it is instead stemming from the Air’s hardware setup, Apple might have one big mess on their hands.

So have any of our readers picked up the latest MacBook Air update? If so, how’s the WiFi treating you?

[via Gizmodo]

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