Sounds abound here at iSource! The Scosche RH1060 has a sleek look, exceptional marketing, and offer hope of solid sound sans the wires! The biggest questions is what do they deliver for the price?
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Review: Scosche RH1060 wireless headphones

Using wireless speakers are a regular part of my work as a trainer and presenter. I’ve also been reviewing various earbuds and headphones lately, so when the opportunity of reviewing the Scosche Bluetooth over-the-ear headphones came to us at iSource, I quickly nabbed it.

The Beauty of Anticipation


Scosche packaged their newly released wireless headphones in an appealing box with a “ribbon” on top. Well, sort of. The “ribbon” is actually a cloth loop that draws attention and curiosity. Score one for marketers.

Opening the artfully constructed box revealed a black, firmly padded case that form fit the folded RH1060 headphones with the Scosche logo etched on too – score a second point for marketing – as well as a soft, satiny travel bag with a pull string closure. When I emptied the box, I was surprised there wasn’t an angelic light and choral announcement! And I hadn’t even discovered the headphones themselves yet!

Once the box was emptied, the reveal was worth the wait: they looked stinkin’ cool! Each over-the-ear speaker was gently folded inward and the headset lay nestled in its place in the Thermoform case. The glassy chrome was a sharp contrast to the smooth, dark black look: the padding appeared inviting. It begged to be touched, worn, and tried.

Also included in the box is a set of instructions, a cleaning cloth, a carabiner for the soft travel bag, a USB cord for recharging, and a flat mini-jack cord.

Beyond the Marketing

So it’s clear that Scosche got it right in wowing the consumer! But if you pull away the smoke and mirrors, do the RH1060 headphones live up to the packaged hype? The quick answer is a resounding (pun intended) yes.

The fit when wearing the RH1060 is solid: they expand and contract so you can find the right size. The black leather padding is soft and especially on the head strap it is a perfect design. Since these headphones are wireless, the added weight of a battery would probably make the head strap uncomfortable without it. And speaking of weight, although the RH1060 do weigh more than traditional wired counterparts, their snug fit doesn’t make it feel cumbersome.

The design of large, easy to use, buttons is another good move. On the left earphone is the power on/off: press and hold a few seconds. On the right earphone, half the button size is devoted to play/pause, while the remaining 2 quarters are for volume control. No fidgeting for buttons. Once you learn where they are, they’re intuitive and easy to forget.

Battery life is excellent. In the couple of weeks that I have used them, I have had the volume on full and have only charged them once or twice with the included USB cable. To help, when paired with an iPhone, a battery indicator is displayed at the top of the iPhone. A nice touch.

Pairing was seamless, something I wish more Bluetooth products would experience; and if you’ve used a Bluetooth connection before, you know how intermittent it can sometimes be. In my experience, the RH1060 headphones had the occasional skip in sound – sometimes as much as 5 or 6 times in a 30 minute use, but that was irregular and only happened once.


Another notable feature is the included mic. Take a call, record a voice memo, or activate Siri. You don’t have to remove the RH1060 headphones to handle the interruptions that come with using an iPhone.

Besides the occasional connectivity distraction, the only minor complaint I have is the Bluetooth indicator light. When the RH1060 is paired with a device, the Bluetooth indicator light is a slow pulse / blink. The light is at the bottom of the right speaker next to the USB port, which points it down at your shoulder (which is good). But the darned light is so bright. If you wear the RH1060 headphones and listen to music in the dark (before falling asleep for example) the blinking blue light is a beacon.


The best report about these headphones is the sound. The leather padded headphones lovingly wrap around your ears and block out environmental sounds and distractions to make listening to your music an immersive experience. The 40mm Realm drivers provide a powerhouse of deep, rich, surrounding sounds that is simply amazing. Why, on a recent plane ride next to a pair of giggling, drinking passengers, I listened to some meditation music and slipped away from the cacophony of boisterous conversation next to me. Trust me when I say that these will be a regularly packed travel item.



You’d be hard pressed to find a wireless BT headset that sounds as rich as the RH1060. The look and solidly constructed feel contribute to the feel of quality. It’s clear Scosche spent time and effort to design and manufacture a superb product. If you’re in the market for headphones – especially if you want a Bluetooth wire free set – be sure to put the amazing RH1060 on your list. You’ll be impressed!

Scosche RH1060 headphones are available here for $199.

The Scosche RH1060 headphones were provided for review by MaxBorges Agency. For further inquiries of our review policies, see our About tab.

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