RHA produces a new, inexpensive set of in-ear headphones. Should you consider these if you're on a budget? Read on to see what this affordable model offers as well as how it compares to its pricier cousin.
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Review: RHA’s MA150 earbuds

If you’ve been a frequent reader of our iSource reviews, you’ll recognize the RHA brand. Slowly this little company is gaining a reputation for their competitively priced earphones and has even appeared on Apple’s Store.

Their newest product is marketed toward the cost conscious crowd. The MA150 earbuds (MA is “Micro Aural”) are designed to provide quality sound under a $20 price threshold, and once again I think RHA has succeeded.

Unlike their more expensive MA450i counterpart, these earbuds are a no frills model. No fabric cable, no inline remote, and no 3-year warranty. Instead, the MA150 earbuds offer the standard rubberized wires, gold-plated 3.5mm jack, an angled plug, and a 1-year warranty – which is still better than most competitively priced earbuds.

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The MA150 earbuds also come with extra sets of “noise isolating” rubber ear tips – in small, medium, or large – which is my favorite accessory. Since I despise Apple’s first-generation earbuds because of their fit, I find RHA’s ear tips to be comfortable as well as exceedingly good at blocking out most of the external noise (see review of MA450i).

To keep costs low, the MA150 earbuds are shipped in an Eco-friendly, plain cardboard box – again, no frills here. I don’t mind the easily recyclable packaging: after all one should buy headphones for the sound the produce not the box in which they’re shipped.


What RHA skimps on in packaging, they make up for in sound from their little in-ear speakers. The 10mm drivers in their bell-shaped speakers are capable of pounding out the bass while suppling decent midranges and substantial treble. Like their other products, it’s almost too much for me to keep the volume at full when wearing these: they are that potent. Couple the stunning sound from such an affordable in-ear headphone, and it’s definitely win-win!


Drivers 10mm Mylar
Frequency range 16-22,000Hz
Impedance 16ohms
Sensitivity 103dB
Rated/max power 3/10mW
Weight 7g
Cable 1.2m Rubber
Connections 45 degree, gold plated, 3.5mm


At the time of this writing, the RHA MA150 earbuds are on sale at Amazon.com for $14.99. At the 25% discount, I’d highly recommend grabbing a pair of these affordable earbuds. You won’t be disappointed.

The RHA MA150 noise isolating earbuds were supplied to iSource.com for review. For further inquiries about our review policies, see the About tab.

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