Apple releases their latest update to iOS 7 to address issues with iTunes in the Cloud. Is the Golden Master version arriving sooner rather than later?
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Apple releases iOS 7 beta 6, fixes iTunes in the Cloud, GM version looms


This one flew under the radar.  On a Thursday of all days, only one week after Apple released their beta 5 version, they drop iOS 7 beta 6 for their developers.  The newest beta is available via an over the air update weighing in at a measly 13.1 MB.  This was an unexpected release coming a week earlier than the typical developer release cycle that Apple usually maintains.  In addition, BGR had just reported that Apple was prepping to release iOS 7 beta 6 next week, with the GM (Golden Master) to be made available to employees to test-drive on September 5th just ahead of the purported Apple event on September 10th.

This update is a little different that previous updates iOS 7 beta updates.  After you download, and update over the air on your iOS device, you have an additional step to follow through on that can be a little confusing.


From the iOS Dev Center, you need to click on the link just like the one shown above and download the configuration profile.  That’s the easy part.  After your download is complete, click on the file to unzip the new profile that addresses the issues with iTunes in the Cloud.  After you unzip the file on your computer you still need to get it onto your iOS device.  At this point, the easiest way to accomplish this is to email the unzipped file, and open it on the iOS device running the newly updated beta.  From there you can access your new profile features in the settings section under music


No matter what happens in the weeks leading up to the announcement of the next iPhone, and the release of the GM version of iOS 7, it’s sure to be a month of anticipation and excitement for the Apple faithful.

[via BGR]


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