One item that we all seem to use, but don't think much about–the headphone. Whether we use Apple's EarPods, fancier in-ear headphones, or something else entirely, many of use use them on a daily basis. So how do "The Pop" headphones from Coloud Headphones measure up?
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‘The Pop’ in-ear headphones from Coloud


By no stretch of the imagination am I an audiophile. I know the difference between good sound and bad sound and none of the subtleties in between. What I do know, is that headphones have a short life span when I use them. Apple’s Earpods, as nice as they are, didn’t last very long. Under my care they have been tangled, sweat on and accidentally pulled– events that seemingly shorten the lifespan of the headphones each time. I knew I needed something a little sturdier, while still offering some control over my iPhone much in the same way Apple’s built-in remotes have been offering control.

That’s when I found a set of headphones called “The Pop” from Coloud Headphones. They’re an odd-looking set of headphones, and come in a range of color options ranging from classic black and grey all the way, dare I say, into tackier realms of color choice. The cord is flat, which was the first set of headphones I had ever seen that on. After a month of testing they have performed well in regards to durability. I often jog, or do other physical activities with headphones, and The Pop headphones have held up in comparison to other headphones in the same price range. Typically, when a set of headphones begin to falter, the sound created becomes crackly in one year, then fails completely. No such failures have occurred yet with The Pop headphones after a month of hard use.


Several things such as a poster, warranty booklet, and sticker are included in the package along with the headphones. I mention this not because it directly makes a better product, but rather shows an interest in building their brand, which often leads to a company with enough self-respect to make good products. I think Coloud is off to a good start.

The sounds that these headphones put out, in my opinion, is pretty darn good, especially considering the price paid for them. I know little about the technical aspects of a speaker or headphones other than a diaphragm must move to create sound. However, I seem to correlate in-ear headphones like these, complete with different sized rubber gaskets with better sound. It creates a seal from the outside world and, at least to me, feels like it pipes sound farther into the ear.

The same thing that makes in-ear headphones like these great, makes them a little uncomfortable, and even gross. Without illustrating the deepest of details, the rubber can begin to irritate the inner ear after long periods of use, or when the user is moving around a lot, say during a workout. Also, they tend to collect the detritus found even in the cleanest of ears. You have been warned.

The Pop also offers a remote and mic. The remote only has one button and no volume rocker as found on Apple’s headphones. The controls function the same as we’ve come to expect–one click plays or pauses music and answers and hangs up a call. Two clicks skips the track, three plays the previous track. The mic is decent and of similar quality to the mic found on Apple’s Earpods. It is placed high on the left cord instead of the right as with Apple’s earbuds, something that took getting used to after using Apple’s offering for so long.

What sets these headphones apart from others, at least to my mind, is the attention put into the design of their anti-tangle system. The cord is flat and stiffer than most headphone cords I’ve come across. The juncture where the two branching cords that lead to the ears split from the main trunk is reinforced with a plastic bit embossed with the company logo.

At the end, where the 3.5mm plug lives, Coloud has reinforced the end in thick rubber, which can only bend easily in two directions. This is so it can be threaded through the coiled cord and used to fasten it all together. I looks something like this:


It’s a handy feature, but does not produce tidy effects like that seen above. No, it looks more like a wad, but surprisingly an organized one that doesn’t tangle easily.

In all, The Pop headphones from Coloud offer little innovative touches and durability to headphones, while offering above average sound quality for a reasonable price of $25. If you can find a color combination that isn’t’ too bright for you, and you’re in the market for headphones, maybe even as a replacement for Apple’s Earpods, they’re definitely worth checking out.


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