A bug has been discovered in Chrome for iOS 7 that displays supposedly off-the-record search history during normal browsing sessions. So much for Incognito...
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Incognito mode not so discreet in latest Chrome for iOS update


After receiving an update alongside the release of iOS 7, a pretty major bug has been discovered in Google’s Chrome browser. Incognito mode, which is supposed to provide web browsing with no history or saved data, is no longer living up to its name.

Originally discovered by Parallax, a design and development cohort that coincidentally shares its name with the iOS 7’s new homescreen motion effect, a user’s Incognito history will pop up during normal browsing sessions. Seems like a pretty glaring oversight on Google’s part.

What makes this more odd is the fact that search history doesn’t actually appear in Chrome’s unified search/address bar, but rather in the mobile version of Google’s search site. So much for off-the-record.

[via Parallax]

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