Two of the Braven wireless speaker models will be available through local stores. You'll never guess where, though!
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Braven Bluetooth speakers now at some local stores


Recently announced, Braven wireless speakers will be available this holiday at some rather unusual stores: Office Depot and outdoor outfitter, Cabela’s?!

Why should you care? For one, Braven is my favorite Bluetooth portable speaker maker. I have reviewed two of their products, the 600 model, and just recently the monster 850 model.


While the two reviewed models I mentioned aren’t available at Office Depot or Cabela’s, Braven’s water-resistant BRV-1 (pictured above) and the 570 model (images below) will be.


If these two models compare – in any way – to what I’ve experienced with the 600  or 850, it’d be worth looking at while your doing your holiday shopping!

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