After years of writing and reviewing accessories for Apple products, take a peek at some of the favorites.
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These are a few of my favorite things [Accessories]


Over the past few years, we have reviewed too many items to count. Many of the items receive significant use, time, and attention. These are a few of the items I reviewed and I use on a nearly daily basis.

Powerskin logo

Powerskin – I start my day by putting my iPhone 4S in its battery pack. I can keep fully charged and use the Powerskin battery over my iPhone’s. This has been a fantastic battery pack and lasts nearly 10 hours depending on use.


If I am presenting at a workshop or school, I make sure I have the Satechi BT Media Remote. This wireless remote works flawlessly with my MacBook Pro and rarely needs a charge. It’s one of my favorite professional accessories.


booq boa squeeze – I put all my goodies, files, in the boa booq squeeze backpack (which I favor over the Brenthaven backpack). In this backpack, I also stuff one of my iPads. In an upcoming review, find what bag is likely to replace my beloved boa squeeze.

New-Trent-Airbender-Mini-NT31B_-ReviewCall it a security blanket, but I like to keep a more portable device with me. If it’s my work iPad 3, it’s usually in the ZooGue Genius Pro case. If I grab my personal iPad Mini, it’s always wrapped in the recently reviewed New Trent Airbender NT31B case with keyboard.

Sometimes, if I am only running in to do a brief presentation only, I put my work MBP, VGA adapter, and Satechi remote in the Brenthaven BX^2 Sleeve and quickly head out the door and to my car.

Braven-600-BT-speakerIf I am presenting a workshop, I try to think about the size of my audience and location before I pack which wireless speaker I want to take. For large groups, I opt for Braven 850 or SuperTooth Disco, or Disco Twin for full stereo effect. With smaller, more intimate rooms and groups, the Braven 600 Bluetooth speaker is my pick.

RHA’s-MA150-earbudsIf it’s an exercise day, that means running or working out on the elliptical indoors. That means listening to music through  RHA’s MA450i earbuds on my iPhone running a workout app, strapped to my arm. Recently, I located another Bluetooth product, the Uberbuds, which is likely to replace the lengthy cord of the superbly sounding MA450i.

Defenderpad–laptop-radiation-shieldAlthough I work in an office (cubicle), I am an educator and work also from the comfort of my armchair in the evenings. That means pulling out the Defenderpad, putting in on my lap, and using the MBP again, for all those unfinished documents, emails, and powerpoints or Keynotes.


After family bedtime, I pop on headphones to listen to a little music, podcaset, or video without disturbing the family’s sleep. Most frequently it’s the Scosche RH1060 headphones, but they have been malfunctioning lately and turning on by themselves, leaving them powerless. So instead, I put on the just reviewed SuperTooth FREEDOM. If I travel overnight for a meeting or training, I might pack the RHA SA950i wired but light headphones instead.

Belkin Thunderstorm

If my wife and I want to catch a movie or show in our bedroom (we only have analog cable tv in there), I will pull out the Belkin Thunderstorm for the iPad: it’s just about the only time we can get away from our kids and watch a movie we alone want to see.


As the evening comes to a close, it’s time to recharge: my iPad Mini usually is connected to its brick via Scosche’s boltBOX, while others still get the traditional Apple white cord treatment.

So these are a few of my favorite things from the past few years! Pay close attention to iSource this year to see what other items become new favorites of our Apple devices!

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