Is Sir Lancelot’s Armor’s Holy Grail iPhone screen protector truly bulletproof as claims suggest? The business end of a rifle has a thing or two to say about that.
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Is so-called ‘bulletproof’ iPhone case actually bulletproof?


“Not even a little bit.” That was the conclusion of Ars Technica after testing Sir Lancelot’s Armor’s Holy Grail iPhone screen protector. The protective film comes with claims that it is “bulletproof,” but the business end of a Beretta seems to indicate otherwise.

The screen protector is only bulletproof so far as it is comprised of the same materials used in bulletproof glass. It is not, however, constructed to that same standards of said glass. No, the Holy Grail protector cannot stop a bullet, and the thoroughly demolished iPhone from the above video is a clear demonstration of that fact.

This isn’t the first (and likely not the last time) we have seen an iPhone under fire. The most recent example that comes to mind was in the wake of Apple’s decision to remove a popular BitCoin app from the App Store. In that instance, the iPhone was not fitted with any sort of protection from the damage it was about to endure.

For what it’s worth, Ars found the Holy Grail to be an adequate to above average screen protector where speeding bullets were not concerned. 

[via ArsTechnica]


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