The TouchTone Bluetooth speaker from id America is perfect for on-the-go music enjoyment. Its simplistic design and intuitive touch controls will make this a favorite for many.
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Review: TouchTone Bluetooth portable speaker from id America


I’ve never been a big user of portable bluetooth speakers. But once I saw the TouchTone portable bluetooth speaker from id America, I figured it was time to give it a shot. And I am glad that I did.

If you love the simplicity of your iDevice, you’ll appreciate this portable speaker which also has a subwoofer clipping to it. It features four touch controls, plus an invisible volume wheel, which you initiate by rotating your finger in the circle around the id America logo. The mode button gets used only if you have a device plugged in the auxiliary input. In that instance, you use mode to flip between bluetooth and wired. The forward and back buttons do exactly what you think they do. The fourth button you use to play and pause your music, and also to answer a phone call if you wish. This feature works as it should, but I don’t find myself ever using it. This is not due to a degradation in call quality of anything, but rather just personal preference.

Of course, what would a speaker be without sound. For such a tiny speaker connected via bluetooth, it sounds surprisingly well. No, you’re not going to confuse it with a $500 home audio system. But for your garage, night stand, or work desk, it will be sure to impress all. I’m especially fond of how well it handles bass. I listen to a lot of hip-hop, which does not translate well to all audio sources. But TouchTone got it right here.

Aesthetically, the unit is very nice to look at. The white is crisp and bright, serving as a real eye catcher. The circle lights up as a very nice shade of blue, while the four face buttons glow white. It looks very sharp, especially when viewed in the dark.

The one downside would be battery life, which gets you roughly four hours on a single charge. That means you won’t make it through an eight hour shift at the office without having to charge. But the included charge cable will come in handy and fix any problems that may arise.

Never having been a fan of these portable speakers, I was surprised to find myself enjoying and using the TouchTone as much as I do. The beautiful, simplistic design compliments what is a great sounding speaker. I highly recommend it.  It’s available for $79.95.

A review unit was provided by maxborgesagency to iSource for review purposes.  See our ‘About’ page for policies on reviews.

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