Paddle has announced their latest premium Mac bundle--an Epic Summer Mac Bundle from Creatable. You get 20 top Mac apps for the next couple of weeks for the price of
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Paddle announces an epic Mac Bundle from Creatable


Paddle has announced their latest premium Mac bundle–an Epic Summer Mac Bundle from Creatable.  You get 20 top Mac apps for the next couple of weeks for the price that you choose!  

Typically, if you bought this bundle of premium Mac Apps individually you would pay over $800.  The folks over at Mac.Creatable have already sold 1300+ bundles at the time of this posting for an average price of only $11.45.  To secure the full selection of apps, your purchase price typically needs to be higher than the average price paid by all other consumers–which shouldn’t be too hard at the current average sales price.  A lesser purchased price gives you a smaller amount of apps to choose from.  Not a bad deal at all, even if you dropped the suggested purchase price of $20.


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