One lesser known Apple mail tip in iOS 8 is how to add and edit additional mailbox views.
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How to edit and add additional mailboxes in iOS 8


One lesser known Apple mail tip in iOS 8 is how to add and edit additional mailbox views. This one caught me by surprise, too, as I accidentally stumbled upon this feature, and found it to be quite useful.  In order to add or edit mailboxes you first need to open the mail app, then select “edit” in the upper right corner.  When selected, 9 additional dedicated mailbox views appear that can be added to your standard mailbox views that you have already created (eg. iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, etc).

The new optional mailboxes include…

  • Flagged
  • Today
  • Unread
  • To or CC
  • Attachments
  • Thread notifications
  • All drafts
  • All Sent
  • All trash



I have recently begun flagging emails with greater frequency lately, and have found this new mailbox to be very useful in helping me find the most important emails in my mailboxes. Other especially useful mailboxes  include the “Today” view that displays all messages in your Inbox received today, and the “Thread Notifications” which is made up of mails that I have enabled notifications within.

When activating/selecting these new mailboxes, they will now appear right next to all the other email accounts you had previously added.  Furthermore, all mailbox accounts can be ordered/re-ordered to fit your own preference by holding your finger down on the three parallel lines to the right of the mailbox and moving them up or down in the list view.

Pretty simple, but very useful–good stuff!


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